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This is the official website for the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association established in 1873.




Newsletter of the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association
February 7th Volume XV, Issue 1
Next Meeting:         March 6, 2017
 Doors open 6:45 pm, Start 7:00
               Mt. Olive Lutheran Church
               3561 Foothill Boulevard
               La Crescenta, CA  91214


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Next month, Open Board Meeting -- 6:00pm
Topic: Website and FB management

Regular Membership Meeting--7:00pm
Meeting Minutes from 2/5/17
Old Business:
Treasurer's Report:
- dues intake: $180
(The following numbers are approximate:)
- Payment made: approx. $2900.00 to law firm
- Club’s Bank Balance: approx. $12,000-

Still pending payment:
•Further lawyers' fees

Bill Lewis is moving from the long-time home of Beekeeping 101 and asked for any volunteers to help with the move this coming Saturday February 11. 
• Beekeeping 101 from now on will be at The Valley Hive, 2nd Saturdays at 9:00, see the map at
• The Valley Hive does this as a free service on behalf of the club
• They are asking for volunteers to help with parking + logistics
• Membership dues pays for 1 year of classes ($10); be prepared to pay at the class if you haven't already paid.
New Business
Discussion of Website 
Eva Andrews states:
She volunteered 300 hours to build the website. World renowned photographer donated photographs for club to use. She described why she used specific colors on the site, and told about how she vets her content. Was unable to do annual clean-up this year so far. She read  2 letters of recommendation to the club from members who advocated for the value of her work.
Eva spends 25-29 hours/month on website and fb page. She started as a volunteer and then began to receive payment of $200/month as webmaster and social media manager.
The benefits her design of the web site, and how important it is to everyone, were discussed. Some of the ideas floated were:
•Eva's work should be funded as research since she collects a lot of information.
•We should raise the dues to fund Eva’s pay with a sliding scale of dues according to ability to pay.
•Put advertising on the website to pay for its management.

A motion was put forward to pay Eva $500 for this month to do the services that she has usually performed. Motion was seconded and Treasurer cut a check.

An offer came from a member to provide web services for free to the club. The board will receive his bid before the next meeting for advance review and then will share at the meeting.

Jeremy talks about the bees!

What do people see in their hives? About 8 people are experiencing 50% losses now. Another 10 raised their hands to say they are adding supers now. Several recent swarms were described.

Bill Lewis described seeing every bee coming in with pollen now: Eucalyptus (white) Golden Currant (yellow) and Rosemary (purple). 

Jeremy told how orange groves are being sprayed with insecticides in the middle of the day while his bees are there. Some migratory beekeepers must sustain some loss from poisoning because of the impossible logistics of moving their hives out for a few days and then back in to the orchards.

Topic for March Meeting:
Oxalic acid with glycerin application with shop towels

You've Got Mail!

Podcast Request
Good Afternoon,
We are in the process of starting a new podcast and are interested in sitting down with a professional beekeeper to talk with them about beekeeping. Is anyone in your community passionate about beekeeping that would be willing to sit down with our host? He'll go to them with gear - where ever they want to meet that would be relatively quiet. We're really curious about the topic and want to learn more.
The podcast would take roughly an hour. There would not be an honorarium, unfortunately. This is being created for a new podcast that would be on iTunes and other podcast players. Anyone that is interested can contact me at this email address. 
Tyler Hughes  
Education Request
Dear LA County Beekeepers,
I’m requesting a presentation on Urban Beekeeping for our Farmer's Market Day here at Calvary Christian School in Pacific Palisades on May 24th. It would be great to have someone who can present and has a display hive. We had someone bring one about 4 years ago when we had a "Save the Bees Day".
Please contact me,
Pamela Heilman