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This is the official website for the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association, established in 1873. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Bare Bees:
Bill's Bees
Holly Hawk 626-807-0572
The Valley Hive 

Equipment, Supplies (Local)

Hive Registration, Branding, Tracking:

03/23/2018 California Legislative Information AB-AB-2468 Bees: apiaries: registration: colony relocation.(2017-2018) (pdf: AB-2468 Bees)

7/31/2017  California Legislative Information re Africanized Honey Bees Assembly Bill 861 (Dahle) Africanized Honey Bees.  This bill would provide that a city, county, or city and county may, by ordinance, establish procedures for the abatement of a hive or comparable apparatus where Africanized or overly defensive honey bees are present.


Registration varies between states. Contact your state apiarist for the regulations in your state. For a State Apiarist Directory see:    

Registration in California:

Anyone who keeps bees in California must register with their local County Agricultural Commissioner (CAC) on a yearly basis. There are many reasons to make sure your bees are "on the books."  Your County Agricultural Commissioner can be of assistance in:

  • dealing with neighbors and local regulatory agencies
  • notifications about local pesticide/herbicide applications
  • referrals for swarm captures (experienced beekeepers)

Los Angeles County: There are over 80 incorporated cities in Los Angeles County. They have different ordinances, regulations, rules. Make sure you check with the city where you will be keeping your hive(s) to insure you are in compliance.

County of Los Angeles
Department of Agricultural/Weights and Measures
Apiary / AHB / Haz Mat Program
Pesticide Regulation Division
12300 Lower Azusa Road
Arcadia, CA 91006
Tel: (626) 459-8894
Fax: (626) 443-6652

Noriel Reyes, Apiary Inspector III
Apiary /AHB/ Haz Mat Program

At a nominal fee per beekeeper, regardless of the number of colonies or apiaries, it's well worth it.

To help you out, we've attached the following form/information/codes.

(Note: The 2017 Apiary Registration Form and 2017 Apiary Registration Notification link to files on our LACBA website.  They have been provided to us by Conrad Burton, Inspector, LA County Apiary/AHB/Haz Mat Programs Pesticide Regulation Division. When the LA County Apiary links are active, they will be posted on our LACBA website. If you have a problem downloading these links, PLEASE DO NOT contact the LA County Apiary Inspector, CONTACT LACBA Webmaster at Thank you!)

2018 Apiary Registration Form (Print out, fill out, return with appropriate fee. Form is revised yearly.)  

2018 Apiary Registration Notification (Contains valuable information.)

Read about Bees In Our Environment Apiary Program

Bees in Our Environment Brochure

Apiary Protection Act Ag Code Apiary Protection Act Agricultural Code

California AG Code Apiary Reg California AG Code Apiary Regulation

City of Los Angeles:

The following is some helpful information from the LA County Agriculture Commissioner / Weights & Measures Dept., Bee Program / HazMat, Conrad Burton - Inspector III. 

"Most of you know that the City of Los Angeles passed Ordinance 183920 in October of 2015, allowing for more beekeeping in specific residential areas of the city. I was informed that the City of Los Angeles enforces this ordinance through the Los Angeles City Department of Building and Safety (LADBS), Code Enforcement Bureau, and from my understanding fines are a minimum of about $360. Any violation of the beekeeping ordinance Ordinance 183920 will require payment to cover the cost of sending an inspector out. It is not meant to be a punitive fine, but nevertheless, if you're not in compliance and people complain, you are liable for minimum $360 for an inspection. If you have any questions you may email LADBS Assistant Chief- Frank Lara at  He has been very helpful." Please contact the City of Los Angeles for further information regarding beekeeping in the City of Los Angeles. 

City of Pasadena: Pasadena Zoning Determination for Keeping Bees
City of Pasadena's Zoning Administrator, Kelvin Parker, clarifies, for all intents and purposes, the legal status of backyard beekeepers in Pasadena. 

Ventura County

Registration Form (Ventura County

Apiary Protection Act:

If you want more information about the Apiary Protection Act, on the internet, go to Division 13 Bee Management and Honey Production (Sections 290000-29736) of the California Food and Agricultural Code.  

California Department of Food and Agriculture

1220 N. Street, Room A-370
Sacramento, CA 95814 
Title: Associate Agricultural Biologist
Name: Nick Condos
Phone: 916-653-1440
Fax: 916-654 0986

Serial Brand:

If you are registering with the State for a serial brand for your hives (to ID your equipment), especially those of us with enough hives to be doing commercial pollination, it's a one-time $25 fee. The application form is unavailable online. Please contact the CDFA directly at:

California Department of Food and Agriculture
1220 N Street Room A-357
Sacramento CA 95814
(916) 262-1371
Mr. Chung Lui
Integrated Pest Control
Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services

Brand Purchasing:

Branding irons, equipment, and supplies can be purchased through Brand New Industries

Hive Inspection Sheet: 

Russ Levine, LACBA member, and owner of Bare Bees Honey, has created an excellent Hive Inspection Sheet which includes structure, strength, pests and treatments, frames of drawn honey, and much more to monitor and care for your hives. Download a free Hive Inspection Sheet

Hive Tracking:

Hive Tracks is a free web-based application beekeepers use to track their hives, queens, medications, feedings, changes, equipment and more: