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This is the official website for the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association established in 1873.





   Newsletter of the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association
   December 2013  Volume XIII, Issue 11

  Next Meeting: January 6, 2014
  7:00 pm

  Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, 3561 Foothill Boulevard, La Crescenta, CA  91214  

No Minutes from the Holiday Dinner

Our great appreciation, again, goes to Doug Noland for the delicious meal he prepared for us all.  Thanks, too, for the tasty additions – hors d’oeuvres, desserts, etc. - brought by our club members.  We also thank Pickwick Gardens for the lovely facilities.  And, of course, the hidden workers, those who helped organize and coordinate, not to mention donating raffle prizes (thanks Dadant!), deserve a round of applause.  It was lovely for all of us with our guests to get together and have time to socialize. 

In addition to a tasty meal in lovely surroundings we also had a lively raffle and some well deserved awards, as well as a presentation by one of our globe-trotting members.

Keith Roberts announced that our Golden Hive Tool winner for 2013 was… me, Stacy McKenna. Easily the worst actual beekeeper to receive the award so far, I make myself useful in other ways like going on my fifth year as club secretary and helping make sure all of our members get access to accurate, reliable information about beekeeping. I’m also expanding into wider distribution as an article I wrote (with the help of Kodua’s fabulous photography) is publishing in the Jan 2014 American Bee Journal. My gratitude and thanks for this honor, and for all the things my fellow beekeepers have taught me not only about bees but about “life, the universe, and everything.”

Our speaker for the evening was our own Kodua Galieti discussing her recent visit to Israel, and the time she spent with local beekeepers both in Israel and near the surrounding, often tense, borders. She shared photography from a variety of events, and shared her experiences with political leaders, world-reknowned artists, and of course beekeepers and bees during her travels. The biggest differences she noted were that they all seemed to use old tires as hive stands, didn’t seem to suffer from ants, and the public over there prefers their honey crystallized and raw.

Program for January:  Reports from our members who attended the State Bee Convention.

Note From the Secretary

Dues for 2014 membership are now due. Many of you paid at the banquet – thank you! If you have not paid 2014 dues by January 31, you will be removed from the mailing lists. To find out when you last paid dues, you can reach me at or at the meetings.

Also, I will be printing up a membership directory after January 31. If you do not wish your information to be included, please let me know. If you have a digital photo I can include in the directory, please send me a copy. Directories should be available at the March meeting.