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This is the official website for the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association established in 1873.



What We Do:


"Most people don't have any idea about the complicated life going on inside a hive. Bees have a secret life we don't know anything about."

From "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd  





Monthly Meetings:

Our monthly meetings routinely have an educational component. Presentations are often given on everything from Beekeeping 101 to Making Mead or using bee products for health benefits. Whether it's a weekend workshop with one of the industry's big names, or merely chatting with one of the local "old timers," you're sure to learn something you never knew about bees and beekeeping! We also try to keep you in the know through our email list which sends links to articles about new research or changes in local legislation.

Educational Outreach: 

Members from the Los Angeles Beekeepers Association volunteer every year to speak at events like AgDayLA and the LA County Fair. Many of them also speak at smaller venues like local schools and gardening groups to help educate folk about the benefits of bees.


At AgDayLA we educate 3rd & 4th graders about bees, entertaining them with fascinating facts about the important role of honeybees in our natural and urbanized worlds. The Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association provide various show and tell items and displays to help students learn why bees make honey, why they are needed in orchards, how to act around bees, how important it is to respect these wondrous creatures and how bees improve our quality of life. The LACBA trives to promote the interest of bee culture and beekeeping within L.A. County through public education.   

LA County Fair - Bee Booth

Each year thousands of fairgoers visit the Bee Booth. As LACBA members we have the honor, privilege, and responsibility to help educate people of all ages on the important role honeybees play in our lives.   

The highlight of the Bee Booth is the Observation Hive where fair goers get a chance to "Find the Queen" or witness the "Waggle Dance."


Funding Research:

Funds raised through membership dues and events like the fair are used to help fund research projects throughout the country. We often contributae to the California State Beekeepers Association Research Fund which supports multiple projects annually. LACBA Secretary, Stacy McKenna, addresses our funding efforts in the January 2011 Buzzings! Newsletter.

Supporting Bee-friendly Legislation:

By supporting the California State Beekeepers Association Right To Farm Fund we're helping pay for representation in Sacramento that is working to keep honeybees in the fields, and make sure the honey you buy in the store is labeled properly so you know you're getting 100% pure honey made in California. Several of our members are also helpiing with grass roots efforts in local cities to change beekeeping ordinances.

Having Fun!

If there's one thing we love to do, it's socialize. And eat! And talk for hours about bees...