Zombie Flies Invade the Central Coast

By Rachel Ramirez  1/5/12  Central Coast News

Prunedale, Calif. - This may sound a little nutty, but "zombie" attacks are spreading from the Bay Area to the Central Coast.

A parasitic scuttle fly, dubbed as a "zombie fly," is attacking honeybees and taking over their body like a zombie before a slow death.

Prunedale beekeeper Ron Flint has been rescuing and caring for bees for three years.  

But upon the new year, he started noticing some odd behavior.

"New Years day I was barbequing. I had flood lights on and the bees were bouncing off the flood lights," said Flint.

Flying towards the light, abandoning the beehive, falling over and crawling in circles are all symptoms of a "zombie-like" parasite attack. Read more: http://www.kionrightnow.com/story/16458259/zombie-flies-invade-the-central-coast