Bee-n-to Ban Systemic Pesticides

From Maryam Henein, director of Vanishing of the Bees  10/26/12

DATELINE: WASHINGTON  Thursday October 25th

Save Our Bees

About 100 activists, concerned citizens and beekeepers, including Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and CCD Posterboy David Hackenberg huddled outside of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) headquarters on an overcast but mild mid-morning to protest systemic pesticides that continue to slowly kill honeybees and humans. Many of us, including me and a few dogs, were adorned in black and yellow while others held signs that read “Save Our Hives.” 

On the street, a few yards away, David Hackenberg had parked his 40 ft. flatbed truck full of empty hives.  At about noon, we hooked up a microphone and a small hive of us took turns protesting our love of bees and the need to ban systemic pesticides. I wondered all the while where Lisa Jackson was hiding.

“The EPA …continues to look the other way while Clothianidin and other systemic pesticides continue to harm our bees,” said Jay Feldman Executive Director, Beyond Pesticides. “Bees have shown persistence in trying to hang in there and so will we. We need to impress upon the EPA that we are not going away.”

One in three bites of food is reliant on honey bee pollination. As many of you may know by now, the unchecked use of dangerous systemic pesticides has resulted in alarming honey bee losses...