The Mighty Monarch

[Here's for all the beekeepers who took a break from the CSBA Conference last November to head over to the coast to visit the Monarch butterflies on their migration south.]

Bug Squad - Happenings in the Insect World   By Kathy Keatley Garvey  10/5/12

We're accustomed to seeing a solitary monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) flitting around a garden.

But millions of them?

It was interesting to read the National Public Radio piece (Oct. 4) on Flight: A Few Million Little Creatures That Could.

The feature news story traces how a "young boy in Canada wondered where butterflies go in the winter--and spend 40 years trying to answer that question."

"In 1973, Dr. Fred Urquhart--all grown up by then--placed an ad in a newspaper in Mexico looking for volunteers to tag and observe butterflies and find their destination."

A woman and her husband answered the ad, and in the course of two years, found "hundreds of millions of butterflies."

Monarch sanctuaries!

If you access the NPR website, you'll see clips of a documentary made by Mike Slee. It's called  the "Flight of the Butterflies," which NPR describes as a "3-D IMAX film about the migration of the monarchs to sanctuaries."

"What you see, you can't imagine nature ever...


Hopefully, the milkweeds will attract many of those mighty monarchs next year and send lots of "tingles up the spine." 

[And the honey bees love milkweed too!] 

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