CSBA Convention Nov. 12-15, 2012 (Wednesday, Nov. 14 Schedule)

CSBA Convention Wednesday, Nov. 14:
7:00am American Sioux Honey Association Breakfast
8:00am Registration & Exhibits Open 

Main Session Schedule
Introductions by Brad Pankratz
8:00am Importation of Honey Bee Germplasm in 2012 - Steve Sheppard, WSU
8:45am Germplasm Cryopreservation & Progress in Above Freezing Storage of Bee Semen - Brandon Hopkins, WSU
9:00am ABF Update - George Hansen, ABF President
9:15am Project Apis m. Update - Christi Heintz
9:45am Exhibitors Break - Sponsored by Haagan Dazs, Bees Free 

Introductions by Brock Ashurst
10:15am Winter Feeding in Preparation for Almond Pollination - Frank Eischen, USDA ARS Bee Research Lab, Welasco, TX
11:00am Almond Industry Update - Bob Curtis, Almond Board of California
11:15am AHPA Update - Randy Verhoek, AHPA Vice President, Bismark, ND
11:30am Legislative Update - Holly Fraumeni, Platinum Advisors & Jackie Park-Burris
12:45pm Research Luncheon "Beekeeping in a Flat World - How to Catch Your Neighbor's Cold"
               -Jeff Pettis, USDA  ARS Honey Bee Laboratory, Beltsville, MD
3:00pm  Auction Benefiting Honey Bee Research
7:00pm  Resolution Committee Meeting chaired by Roger Everett
7:30pm  Research Commitee Meeting chaired by David Bradshaw 

Concurrent Sessions: - "Bridging the Gap, Sideliner to Full Timer":
Introductions by Bill Lewis
8:30am Keeping Your Bees in the Hive - Eric Mussen, UC Davis
9:15am Small Scale Queen Rearing - Randy Oliver
10:45am How to Make and Install Package Bees - Richard Ashurst
11:30am Managing Your Honey Crop - Josh Cowen