CSBA Convention Nov. 12-15, 2012 (Thursday, Nov. 15 Schedule)

CSBA Convention Thursday, Nov. 15:
8:00am Registration & Exhibits Open 
8:30am CSBA Annual Business Meeting
10:00-10:25 Exhibitors’ Break  Sponsored by Global Patty

Main Sessions
Introductions by John Miller
10:30 “Completed and Ongoing Research at the Laidlaw Bee Research Facility” – Brian Johnson,               University of California, Davis

11:15 “Monsanto’s Commitment to Honey Bee Health” – Jerry Hayes, Beeologics (Monsanto)
12:00-2:00 CSBA Ladies Auxilary Business Meeting & Luncheon

Main Sessions:
Introductions by Russell Heitkam  
1:30 “Nosema Ceranae Infection in Honey Bee Larvae, Workers, and Queen-like Adults” – James Nieh, University of California, San Diego
2:15 “How Many Colonies per Acre are Needed for Almond Pollination?” – Frank Eischen, USDA, Welasco, TX
3:00-3:25 Exhibitors’ Break  Sponsored by Global Patty and Dadant
3:30 Exhibits Close
3:30 “Using Formic Acid for Mite Control” – Brent Woodworth, Frank Pendell, Bob Miller  
4:00 “Almond Pollination Panel” – Joe Traynor, Gordon Wardell, Pat Heitkam
6:00 Social Hour & Silent Auction
7:00 Annual Banquet, Awards & Auction

Concurrent Sessions "Bridging the Gap, Sideliner to Full Timer":
Introductions by Clyde Steese 
1:30 Beekeeping Beyond the Backyard - Roger Everett 
2:00 TBA Geoge Hansen, ABF President 
3:30 Virus Monitoring - Dave Wick, BVS, Inc.
4:15 Questions & Answers - Jerry Hayes, American Bee Journal's "The Classroom"