The Asian Honeybee Bust

ABC Rural  By Kim Honan  11/26/12

Sydney, Australia: Thousands of Asian honey bees have been detected and destroyed on a vessel in Sydney.

The swarm of 2,000 bees were also carrying more than 150 Varroa mites, a pest that has decimated bee populations across the world.

There's concern that if the mites invaded Australia it could devastate the local honey bee industry and in turn poses a real threat to the pollination of crops.

But the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry says the Varroa species was a less destructive one.

Tim Chapman from DAFF's border compliance division says the bulk fuel carrier was targetted because of previous ports it had visited.

DAFF was inspecting for the Asian gypsy moth, a forestry pest, despite its last port visit being Singapore where the Asian honey bee is common.