ABJ December 2012 Issue

The December 2012 Issure of the American Bee Journal is hot off the stands! I've had a glorious morning reading through the great articles such as 'My Father, the Hands-off Beekeeper' by William Blomstedt, the adventures of 'Small-scale Honey Extracting and Super Cleanup-Learning From My Mistakes' by Howard Scott, 'Utilizing Honey Bees to Enhance Deer Forage-(The Plaska Experiment-Year 1)' by James D. Ray, 'The Mystery and Myth of Organic Beekeeping - Part 3 of 3 Parts' by William Blomstedt, 'Sick Bees-Part 18E-Colony Collapse Revisited-Genetically Modified Plants' by Randy Oliver, 'Managed Pollintor CAP - RNAi in Treating Honey Bee Diseases' by Yamping (Judy) Chen and Jay D. Evans, and for the holiday season 'Fabulous French Holiday Feast' by T'Lee Sollenberger. Enjoy! 

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