Bee Sting Therapy

By Valerie Burton (From Benefits of Honey Newsletter) 4/12/12

Approximately eight years ago I had tendonitis so bad I could not even lift a single piece of paper. As a new beekeeper I had heard that beekeepers do not get arthritis and read a little about bee sting therapy.

Not wanting to take pills or get a cortisone injection I decided to start with some bee-stings. 

I could feel three very distinct locations on my elbow that were especially tender to the touch so decided that was a good place to start. I marked them with an X and held an ice cube to the spots one at a time. 

I harvested the bees the day before and had them in a jar with a toilet paper holder cut on an angle at the bottom to give them something to cling to and a small amount of honey and water. 

Initially I picked the bees up by the head and tried to place them on the X but they’d turn their bodies on me and sting my fingers which is not where I wanted my bee sting therapy!

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