AFDO Issues Guidance on Cottage Foods

By Dan Flynn (Food Safety News) May 30, 2012

With so many state lawmakers willing to throw out the rulebook when it comes to cottage foods, the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) has decided it's time to draw the line.

The 116-year-old AFDO has published a 20-page "guidance document" with "consensus opinion of best practices and limitations on this somewhat controversial matter."

cottage-food-jams-iphone.jpgAFDO says it developed the guidance document for state and local food safety regulators to help them with management of food safety issues associated with cottage food operations.  AFDO Food Committee, consisting of food protection officials from around the country, drafted the document.

AFDO defines cottage food as products made in a home kitchen for direct sale to consumers. The FDA Food Code, adopted by most state and local jurisdictions, prohibits the sale of food prepared in a home kitchen from being sold in any food establishment, retail food store, or to any wholesale food manufacturer.

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