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On March 24th CATCH THE BUZZ notified you of the possibility of signing a legal petition asking EPA to withdraw registration of the chemical Clothianidin.

On May 11 there was a CATCH THE BUZZ story called “Corn Planting Killing Bees. Help Stop This Now”. In that article it was strongly recommended reporting your incident(s) to your State pesticide incident reporting system; to EPA at; and also to the National incident reporting portal at A number of you have done this. However, several corn growing states are refusing to investigate bee kills associated with corn planting and only the bee kills reported directly to the EPA are being captured.

Part of what EPA looks at when considering a legal petition is what they consider imminent harm. If EPA perceives that little harm is occurring from a specific use they are far less inclined to seriously consider the removal of registration. EPA claims that they can not interfere with State Primacy for pesticide enforcement, which in essence leaves them blind to actual harm occurring.

The Center for Food Safety would like to capture the essence of the Clothianidin corn planting problem as they move forward in their discussion with EPA. It is critical for them to document that EPA is not adequately capturing reported incidents as they make the argument about imminent harm. To that end they have created a form for beekeepers to report their incidents at 

Even if you have already filed an official pesticide corn incident please take a few minutes and complete this form.

If you were afraid to register an incident because of having your operation inspected by zealous regulators, or thought that registering an official incident would be a waste of time, please reconsider and complete this form from The Center For Food Safety.

It is very important for EPA to recognize that some beekeepers simply ‘take’ pesticide hits rather than placing their operations further in harm’s way from perceived destructive or  biased regulators.

Thanks for taking the time to potentially reduce pesticide exposure for your operation.

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(The above brought us by CATCH THE BUZZ (Kim Flottum) Bee Culture, The Magazine of American Beekeeping, published by A.I. Root Company.)