Beekeeper: We Need Bees, Don't Spray Them (Colorado) Article and Video on Swarms  June 1, 2012

(This excellent article and video on bee removal is from Colorado. Please note: bees in Southern California may be more agressive (Africanized) bees but the information is still relevant. For bee removals here in Los Angeles County see our Swarm Removal page on this website.) 

Many people say they would run away, or pick up a can of pesticide if they saw a swarm of bees.

But beekeepers are asking you to let them be, and give them a call before you spray.

They say the bees are important for the survival of the bee population and in turn keep food on our tables.

This time of year is when we start seeing more swarms of bees collecting around houses, businesses, or on fences. Read more and view video...