The Importance of Bees to Agriculture

By Glynn Young   Monsanto (Beyond the Rows) July 19, 2012
It’s National Pollinator Week in the U.S., and yesterday Dr. Ed Spevak, curator of the St. Louis Zoo’s Invertebrate Program and director for the zoo’s Wildcare Institute Center for Native Pollinator Conservation, spoke to Monsanto employees on one of the most important groups of pollinators – bees.

Spevak is an expert in native bees, but his presentation covered bees native to North America (like the bumble bee) and bees native to other world regions (like the honey bee, brought to North America by the Pilgrims).

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Bees in America: How the Honey Bee Shaped a Nation by Tammy Hood.
The St. Louis Zoo’s Center for Native Pollinator Conservation.
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