Abuzz About Beekeeping in Los Angeles

By Steve Lopez    (Los Angeles Times)    July 14, 2012

It's illegal to keep hives in Los Angeles, but some people are doing it anyway. Maybe it's time for more of us to give bees a chance. 


After dinner one night in downtown Los Angeles, my waiter offered me a better tip than the one I'd just left him.

He and his girlfriend were up to something illegal, he whispered. And he wanted to let me in on it.

No, they weren't robbing banks or fleecing senior citizens. They were beekeepers, said Adam Novicki. They tend to a thriving hive of backyard honeybees, which are critical to food supplies. But although we're in the midst of a mysterious national bee decline known as colony collapse, having an apiary in the city of Los Angeles is illegal.

All right, so it wasn't a stop-the-presses moment. But I did like the obvious angle — that something beneficial was outlawed in the City of Angels.

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