Bee Fans Try to Get Los Angeles to Allow Hives in Residential Areas

By John Hoeffel    (Los Angeles Times)    July 14, 2012

Rob and Chelsea McFarland are leading an effort to make beekeeping legal in Los Angeles. They have won the support of Councilman Bill Rosendahl and eight neighborhood councils so far.

Rob McFarland was in his florally vivacious backyard, tending his vegetable plot, when he noticed some honeybees buzzing around a tree. A few minutes later some bees had become tens of thousands.

"The sky was sort of darkened out," he recalled. "It was kind of a presence that I couldn't ignore."

McFarland, a social media entrepreneur and avid gardener, was intrigued by honeybees and aware that hives have been dying from a mysterious cause labeled colony collapse disorder.
"I knew enough about honeybees to know they were in real trouble...Read more...

Rob and Chelsea McFarland started HoneyLove, a Los Angeles based non-profit conservation organization with a mission to protect the honeybees and inspire and educate new urban beekeepers. Contact