London: Urban Beekeeping - Even The Royals Are At It!

By Emily Andrews  (Mail Online  August 26, 2011)

Have you heard the buzz? Urban beekeeping is all the rage as hive numbers double in last seven years... even the Royals are at it

It's the bees’ knees for those wanting a slice of the ‘Good Life’.

And it’s helping boost the honeybee population after their numbers have dramatically fallen.

Urban beekeeping is booming with individuals and companies installing bee hives on top of homes and offices all over the UK.

Following in the footsteps of Buckingham Palace, which has four hives in its gardens, Clarence House have recently installed two bee hives on their roof.

And in London alone there are over 2,500 bee hives dotted in various locations throughout the city.

Many are in private homes and gardens, but The Tate Modern Gallery, The Bank of England, Lloyds of London, Fortnum & Mason and St. Pancras International terminal are also buzzing. 
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(The above brought to us by LACBA Secretary, Stacy McKenna.)