People Around The World Are Taking A Stand

(Pesticide Action Network Update July 26, 2012)

Momentum is building. People in communities around the world are standing up to the “Big 6” pesticide/biotech corporations to expose their aggressive, bottom-line driven push of hazardous pesticides into our food and farming systems.

It's time to stop the treadmill» PAN supporters around the world are joining forces with PAN Europe to call on BASF, Bayer and Syngenta — three of the largest pesticide corporations in the world — to stop producing and selling highly hazardous pesticides. Now. Sign on today to PAN’s challenge to the CEOs of these powerful European corporations.

Together with their U.S. counterparts — including Monsanto — these giant corporations hold historically unprecedented power over the world’s agriculture. Their influence allows them to keep dangerous chemicals on the market long after science has shown them to be highly hazardous. 

Pesticides are in our air, our water, on our food — and are wreaking havoc in our bodies. They harm the livelihood and health of farmers around the world, and poison communities from Malaysia to Ecuador, from Senegal to Alaska.

Enough is enough» With your help, we’re building global momentum for food and farming that sustains and nourishes communities, instead of lining the pockets of the Big 6. Please sign onto PAN's challenge today.

Thank you for adding your voice.