The Travelling Beehive

The Travelling Beehive by Elena Garcia and Manuel Ángel Rosado, illustrated by Juan Hernaz

The Travelling Beehive is a new free stunningly beautiful illustrated book that examines in depth the importance of pollination for our current lifestyle.

Halfway between literature and popular science, deeply documented, this book offers a didactic view of the activity of the domestic bee and other pollinators, for children and for adults, beekeepers, biologists and entomologists.

A Teacher's Guide has also been developed to help non-experts to understand in depth the details represented in each of the sheets.

You can read and download The Travelling Beehive for free (in PDF and also epub file for iPad and other tablets) directly from the following links:
1. EPUB files (for iPad and tablets): (teacher's guide)
2. PDF files: (teacher's guide)
3. View on-line book: (teacher's guide)

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