Webcast to Discuss Honey Bee, Seed Treatments

(High Plains/Midwest AG Journal 8/6/12)

Honeybee population decline has been a hot topic over the past few years. And very recently, neonicotinoid-treated seed has become an item of importance in this overall discussion. New research suggests that honeybees foraging near fields may be exposed to lethal levels of neonicotinoids, particularly during periods when corn and soybean crops are being planted.

In the Plant Management Network's latest webcast for corn and soybean growers and consultants, Christian Krupke, Ph.D., associate professor and Extension entomologist at Purdue University, offers suggestions to minimize the chances of honeybee exposure to seed treatment chemicals in the field. In addition, Krupke presents an overview of the latest research on treated seed and honeybee health.