Bees Need Immediate Action - Bees Can't Wait Until 2018

Pesticide Action Network   9/19/12

The good news? Congress is starting to look into EPA’s failure to protect honey bees from pesticides. A few senators recently sent a letter to Lisa Jackson urging the Agency to take swift action, asking for a “more finite and expedited timeline” than 2018.

The bad news is that EPA is still stalling.

Help us get the message across: Bee die-offs are an emergency and need action now.

Last March — alongside partners and beekeepers, and with your support — we filed an “emergency citizen petition” on behalf of bees. In June, we submitted tens of thousands of your signatures to the Agency in support of that petition. We urged them to take seriously the unprecedented decline of pollinators, and the contribution of neonicotinoid pesticides to that decline, by declaring that these losses constitute an “imminent hazard.” They declined to do so.

Before next Tuesday, we have an opportunity to respond to EPA's recent decision that pollinator declines don't present an imminent hazard.

Join us in telling EPA that, in fact:

  • Bee die-offs are an emergency requiring immediate action — and 2018 is much too late!
  • Keeping a bee-toxic pesticide (clothianidin) on the market illegally — despite the absence of valid science supporting its registration — is unacceptable.

Between now and September 25, decisionmakers are legally required to listen. Please help us make our collective voices heard and send a clear message to EPA: stop stalling.

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