PAm Receives a Monsanto Match and a Costco Commitment

ABJ Extra-News September 20, 2012


"We have identified ourselves as being the go-to organization at the interface of honey bees and pollinated crops and others are taking notice.  With that defined focus, we are very successful.", so explains Christi Heintz, Project Apis m's executive director.  PAm has infused over 1.5 million into honey bee research since its inception in December, 2006.  The non-profit organization has enjoyed broad-based support among beekeepers and growers of pollinated crops and now two corporations have noticed the impact PAm is making in the beekeeping industry. Both Monsanto and Costco have entrusted to PAm additional funding to help the honey bee.
Monsanto recently matched the Specialty Crop Block Grant monies awarded to PAm by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) in 2010.  Specifically, Monsanto funding will be used by PAm to source and purchase seed to continue building bee forage for an additional three years.  Good nutrition is vital to overall honey bee health.  CDFA and Monsanto funding further enables PAm to evaluate seed mixes and enlist large scale almond growers/land managers in providing forage resources to bees.
Costco funding will more than double PAm's current research program.  As a sustainable funding source, Costco seeks long-term impact and advancements in beekeeping management practices. Dr. Marla Spivak, PAm-Costco Advisory Team member, says "The beekeeping industry needs help and having more funds available will allow us to make a lasting impression." 
Both corporations found PAm's credibility within both the beekeeping and grower communities to be a great strength, along with their knowledge, low overhead and outreach capabilities.  Looking for a meaningful partnership, PAm was an easy choice. 

The need for beekeepers and growers to donate to PAm does not diminish with the new infusion of funding.  The funds were received because the stakeholder community believes and supports PAm.  This commitment needs to continue.  Your contributions are necessary to carry on prompt and practical beekeeping studies and complements the corporate and grant funding needed to expand PAm's ability to work on specific and long-term goals.
"Beekeeper and grower donations to Project Apis m. are important in their ability to be leveraged to access larger sources of funding.  We've enjoyed broad support and are confident that will continue as we take the organization and the beekeeping industry to the next level." states Dan Cummings, PAm's chairman.

Donate NOW to PAm.  Why? Because PAm funds bee research that is selected and guided by beekeepers.  Use the "Donate Now" button on p 1 of the Project Apis m. website
If you were a Paramount beekeeper for almonds or pomegranates, let us know with your donation and Paramount will match! 
PAm is a 501 (c) (5) non-profit organization.