EPA Announces Partial Response to Petition - Act by 9/25/12

Beyond Pesticides   9/25/12
EPA Thinks Pollinators Should Buzz Off! Take Action by September 25, 2012
EPA’s recent decision to deny the petition recognizing that honey bees face “imminent hazard” and requesting the suspension of the pesticide linked to bee die-offs is a blow to beekeepers and over one million citizen petition signatures worldwide. This decision puts beekeepers, rural economies, and our food system at risk. EPA believes the bees are alright, but with hives still averaging losses over 30%, bees are crying out for help. With one in three bites of food reliant on honey bee pollination, it’s imperative that EPA act now! Comments must be received on or before September 25, 2012.

Tell EPA to suspend the use of the bee-killer clothianidin and protect pollinators! 

Letting EPA know what you think is your right!

To have the most impact, EPA needs to hear directly from you with your comment in the docket! Email communications on this is not as effective and often do not get read or counted. 

Please submit your comments directly to the docket by using the link provided. Click the link and tell EPA what you think in the form provided Please note that only fields with an asterisk are required, and if you are not affiliated with an organization, you may put your own name in the Submitter's Representative field (if you are still having problems, click here). You can use the sample comment as a guide, or you can copy/paste the sample comment below into the form in the docket. Once you are done editing your comments, click the submit button and you are done!