LACBA Holiday Dinner Fun!!!

Thank you to everyone who helped with our wonderful LACBA Annual Holiday Dinner last evening at the Pickwick Gardens. Great fun was had by all.

Our delicious dinner was provided by Outback Catering (LACBA Member, Doug Noland). Potluck appetizers and desserts were brought by LACBA members.

RAFFLE!!! prizes were awesome and honey bee related.  

LABCA President, Jim Lindsey, performed the duties of Master of Ceremonies.  

LACBA Secretary, Stacey McKenna, was our gracious host and organizer of the event.

LACBA Vice President, Keith Roberts, presented the Golden Hive Tool award (our President's choice of someone who has shown great dedication to the club and thereby improved people's experience of beekeeping) to Stacy McKenna. Stacy has been the LACBA secretary for five years, volunteers at the LA County Fair Bee Booth, attends the CSBA Annual Conventions, takes copious notes of everything, shares the information with everyone, and is always willing to help beekeepers and the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association. Congratulations, Stacy, on receiving this award. And, thank you!

A special thank you to Kodua Galieti, photojournalist, beekeeper, LACBA member for her inspiring presentation of her travels through the beekeeping world of Israel, the Land of Milk and Honey. 

"While traveling in Israel, I had the privilege to photograph bees with Haim Efrat and Yosi Slavetski of the Ministry of Agriculture. What I learned is that beekeepers face the same joys and challenges all over the world. I found that we beekeepers have a special camaraderie because we share the same passion for bees and their welfare and understand how vital they are to our existance." -Kodua Galieti