Kodua Galieti: The Beauty of the Bees

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At a certain point in her life, photojournalist Kodua Galieti became enchanted with honeybees and added two hives to her organic garden. But as she began working with the bees, her photographer’s eye took her much closer: with macro photography, she began documenting—up close and personal—the wonder of life that creates so much life elsewhere.

“As I would check in on the bees—go in there, look at the frames—I was just amazed at what inside the hive looked like,” Galieti tells Organic Connections. “So it was natural for me to bring my camera. I started doing a lot of macro photography, and it opened up into a whole new world. I think there’s such a beauty and whimsical elegance to the bees when you see them up close like that. I didn’t know they had fur until I photographed them. I didn’t know they had hair on their eyeballs until I started looking that close, and boy, it’s a different world! I fell in love with it.”

Amazing the Beekeepers

Galieti began showing off her photographs at conferences and gatherings of beekeepers and enthusiasts—and found that many of them had no idea what they were working with every day. “Most beekeepers don’t look at bees through a macro lens,” Galieti says. “They’re just doing their jobs, tending the bees. So to be able to bring this little creature into such magnification for them has been amazing.

“I’ve gone to bee conferences all over the United States and Hawaii. I have a beautiful exhibit I’ve set up that tells the story from the hive to harvest of the bees. I’ve watched diehard beekeepers stand in front of these images in awe, and realized they are seeing sometimes for the first time what it really looks like that close with that magnification.”

“A Beautiful Little Insect”

But it’s not just beekeepers that are amazed—it is everyone. “I’m trying to make it so that bees are more approachable, even to children,” Galieti explains. “Instead of people wanting to freak out and swat it away, I can go, ‘Wait! Look at it! Learn about it! It’s not so scary. It’s a beautiful little insect there.’”

Galieti has even created a bee calendar, which has proven extremely popular. “I wondered how I could reach people who would not give a bee a second thought,” she says. “And I realized I could tie my photography in with a calendar and have a lot of information that would delightfully educate people. It turned out...

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[Note: The exquisite bee photography that populates our website was provided by Kodua Galieti.]