Not All Bees Are Created Equal

Swarm Season - Be Aware! Not all bees are friendly bees. DO NOT attempt to remove a swarm yourself. Call a Beekeeper. There are a number of experienced local LACBA members who have been caring for bees and removing swarms for many years. If the bees can be saved, our beekeepers will know how. See the list of local beekeepers on our LACBA Swarm Page

We'd like to thank Derek Roach of Pro Pacific Bee Removal for the following information & Graphic.

"It’s been more than a decade that Southern California has been an identified as an Africanized Honey Bee territory. In August of 2002, biologists tested the genetic makeup of local bees from two swarms found in Santa Barbara County to determine Africanized bees were present in the region. The population of this type of bee has continued to grow in Southern California counties (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino) and their aggressive behavior has contributed to the persistent injurious attacks each year.

Pets are not exempt from the stings, last year in Ventura County a dozen dogs and several nearby workers at a pet boarding center were stung by an Africanized colony. Three of those twelve dogs were hospitalized in critical condition. Fortunately, none of the workers needed medical treatment for their stings. [LACBA Note: A vew days ago in North Hollywood a puppy was killed in an extremely painful manner by a swarm of bees when their hive was destroyed by tree trimmers."]

Replacing an aggressive, Africanized queen with a more docile, European queen, also known as requeening, has proven to be an effective beekeeping technique in restoring calmer behavior within the colony. Other beekeepers take zero risk of raising an Africanized colony and kill off entire hives that express hostile behavior.

To understand more about the migration and behavior of the Africanized bee in the United States, an informational graphic by Pro Pacific Bee Removal  is provided below."

Pro Pacific Bee Removal - Africanized Honeybee Facts