Webinar: The Buzz at OSC - Honey Bee and Native Pollination Education

Wednesday, May 29th at 12PM (PDT) 9AM (EDT)

Dr. Reed Johnson is assistant professor of entomology with The Ohio State University specializing in bee health. Dr. Johnson is investigating miticide and fungicide interactions and their effect on honey bee brood survival and development. 

As a part of that study, Broodmapper.com is used to determine the cell contents using photographs of combs from experimental colonies. Broodmapper is an interactive environment where participants learn to identify different stages of brood development and cell contents.   

Anyone can volunteer to help identify the cell contents in these photographs and hone skills in colony inspection. Learn more about Dr. Johnson's research, and how you can participate as a Broodmapper participant. 

To Join this free webinar, follow the link and LOG IN AS A GUEST at about 11:55 AM (PDT)

To access via iPad or iPhone, download the Adobe Connect app.

This and each monthly webinar will be recorded and archived on the OSU Bee Lab website the day of the session.