Migratory Bee Research Unit Proposal

(The following is brought to us by CATCH THE BUZZ (Kim Flottum) Bee Culture, The Magazine of American Beekeeping, published by A.I. Root Company.) 

Based at the Tucson honey bee lab, the molecular ecology lab of Dr. Kirk Anderson has made a proposal to the honey bee industry of what in essence would be a 300 hive migratory bee research unit. Dr. Anderson serves as the adviser for three PhD students from the University of Arizona that have been keeping their own bees, and will be the driving force behind this venture. The immediate goals to cooperate with any number of commercial beekeepers to gain practical beekeeping experience and help move these colonies to California for almond pollination and other test sites throughout the West. Pollination contracts would help offset some of the costs. These colonies would be used for experimental purposes as well as consistent monitoring with field data being collected and processed by the labs of Dr. Anderson and Dr. Carroll in Tucson. This is a good concept and is re levant to the type of research we need today.

For commercial beekeepers with a serious interest in cooperating with this serious endeavor please contact Dr. Anderson. kirk.anderson@ars.usda.gov