Webinar: The Buzz at OSC: Beehive Chemistry: Hive Communication

Wednesday, September 25th at 9AM(Eastern) 6AM (Pacific) for: Beehive Chemistry: Hive Communication

Dr. Thom Janini teaches chemistry and practices beekeeping at ATI, OSU's two year technical Institute in Wooster. This webinar will consider the organic chemical compounds found in the beehive that control honey bee behavior and physiology. We will first discuss the general classes of compounds and then look at specific examples.

To Join this free webinar, follow the link and LOG IN AS A GUEST at about 8:55 (Eastern) 5:55 (Pacific): https://carmenconnect.osu.edu/theosubuzz

The recording of today's webinar with Dr. Thomas Janini has been posted on the OSU Bee Lab website.

Also, be sure to add these beekeeping webinars to your fall calendar: 
October 9: Alex Zomchek, Green Honey Harvesting (rescheduled from this summer)

November 12: Dr. David Shetlar, The Urban Landscape Entomologist's View of Bee Friendly Insect Controls (please note this webinar is on a Tuesday, not our usualWednesday.)

Denise Ellsworth, OSU Extension, Department of Entomology, ellsworth.2@osu.edu