UC Davis Department of Entomology Apiary Newsletter July/Aug 2013

From Dr. Eric Mussen, Apiculturist and Editor, U.C. Apiaries, University of California, July/Aug 2013 Apiary Newsletter

Hi, Folks, I hope your beekeeping year has been more successful, from a honey crop standpoint, than most of California. Continued drought is really hurting our bees.

Also, before I forget to do it, I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to Kathy Keatley Garvey for the marvelous job she has been doing editing my bi-monthly offerings. She has writing expertise which she brings to bear on my articles, and she has a really fun, daily blog called “Bug Squad.” Her topics vary, but often have something to do with insects or other nature items, especially honey bees.  Her gorgeous photographs accompany her entries. Take a look – you’ll enjoy her efforts.

 With the permission of Dr. Eric Mussen, we have a attached the UC Davis Department of Entomology July/August Apiary Newsletter.