UC Davis Department of Entomology Apiary Newsletter Dec/Nov 2013

With the permission of Dr. Eric Mussen, we have a attached from the U.C. Apiaries, the UC Davis Department of Entomology September/October Apiary Newsletter.

This issue is chock full of new information on: Bee Food and the differences between the diets of queen bee and worker bee, and what makes a queen; Bee stings, bee venom, and preventing allergic reactions; Apitherapy Studies and the use of products from the honey bee hives for medicinal purposes; Cover Crops in Orchards. 

To subscribe to the apiculture newsletters, access this page. Subscriptions are free. Cooperative Extension Apiculturist Eric Mussen, who joined the UC Davis Department of Entomology faculty in 1976, serves as the editor of from the U.C. Apiaries (below) and Bee Briefs.