Monarch Butterfly Numbers Stunningly Low

Bee Culture's CATCH THE BUZZ   By Kim Flottum   1/29/14

Monarch Numbers Stunningly Low. Habitat loss, Climate change and Pesticides Contribute.

WWF-Mexico hosted a press conference this morning to release the status of the 2013-2014 monarch overwintering population measured in central Mexico. The news, while somewhat expected, was hard for monarch researchers, conservationists, and enthusiasts to hear. After reaching an all-time low during the winter of 2012-2013 (occupying 1.19 hectares), this year the area occupied by monarchs is a meager 0.67 hectares. Down from a high of 20.97 in 1996 – 97). Only 7 sanctuaries in Mexico had butterflies this December, with the largest, El Rosario, containing the majority of the population. What does this mean for the monarch migration...

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