Theodore Payne 2014 Fall Plant Sale (Fri-Sat, Oct 17-18)

Los Angeles Times   By Debra Prinzing October 16, 2014     

Landscaping with California native plants has probably never been more compelling than it is today, when gardeners throughout Southern California are taking drastic measures to keep their yards looking green or, at the very least, alive.

"Natives are adapted to our seasons," says Kitty Connolly, executive director of the Sun Valley-based Theodore Payne Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to California native plants. "Now is the perfect time to plant so that you will have a beautiful garden next spring. Most of these plants are dormant in the summer, but they take advantage of cool weather to grow."

We asked three veterans of the 2014 Native Plant Tour, held in April, to share their tips and favorite plants...


(The Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association would like to thank the Theodore Payne Foundation for providing bee-friendly native plants for the Bee Booth at the Los Angeles County Fair this year.)