Bee-Inspired 2015 Calendar by Kodua Galieti

Kodua Galieti, a resident of Southern California, is an international photojournalist as well as a beekeeper. Her relationship with the Creator of Life frames both her interest and the vantage point for the stories she tells through her camera lens. Kodua uses macro-photography while shooting bees to produce photos that show their amazing intricacies up-close and personal. This allows people to experience the incredible and whimsical beauty as well as the magnificent inner workings of the honey bee. Her goal is to delightfully inspire people about the importance of the honey bee to our world. Hopefully, in the process, they will become more aware of bees and join in the quest for their survival.

At her website,, you can view and purchase her fine art photography prints. Her images are perfect for use in educational settings such as classrooms, boardrooms, or wherever you want to see the world of bees as you have never seen before. Kodua is a member of the Los Angeles county Beekeepers Association, California State Beekeepers Association, and Louisiana State Beekeepers Association. Her annual BEE-INSPIRED Calendars are eagerly awaited by beekeepers, beekeeping organizations and clubs.