Tell the EPA to Reject More Bee-Killing Pesticides   

You can tell the EPA NOT to increase neonic use at:  The comment period closes on October 6, 2014.

A giant pesticide corporation wants the US government to increase the legal limit for its bee-killing pesticides by a colossal 40,000%. 

The US has already lost more than half of its managed honeybee colonies, and scientists have pinpointed the pesticides behind the die-off. If pesticide giant Syngenta gets its way, it could mean the complete decimation of our bees

The final decision lies with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and a crucial public comment period is about to close. We’ve only got a few days left -- if we want the EPA to stand up to this bee-killing proposal, it needs to hear from us now.

Tell the EPA to reject Syngenta’s bee-killing proposal. Submit a public comment before October 6.

Bees are diligent, unassuming creatures. They pollinate our crops, and are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat. It’s simple -- no bees means no food for us. 

Now, the destruction of our bees has been pinned down to one class of pesticides called “neonics” -- exactly the kind produced by Syngenta. They’re so harmful that these pesticides have already been banned in Europe. But rather than moving towards a ban, Syngenta wants to massively increase their use here in the US.

Pesticide companies like Syngenta are merciless. They’re already suing the European Union to overturn the ban (and SumOfUs is heading to court to fight back)! Elsewhere in the world, pesticide companies are busy lobbying and bullying politicians against a ban, and using tobacco industry tactics to undermine the science.

It won’t be easy for the EPA to stand up to a pesticide company that is spending millions to get its way. Syngenta has money, but we have the power of people.The only way we can get the EPA to make the right decision is to make sure that it sees that there is widespread public opposition to Syngenta’s proposal. The comment period closes on October 6, so we have to act quickly.

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