Project Apis m. - December 2014 Newsletter



Director of Pollination Programs for Project Apis m, Meg Ribotto, was the recipient of the California State Beekeepers Dr. Eric Mussen Distinguished Service Award at their 125th Annual Convention in Valencia, CA. In 2010, Meg launched the first comprehensive Best Management Practices program for honey bees. This was followed by the initiation of the "Seed for Bees" project to build better bee health through improved nutrition. Using a combination of traditional and social media and by personally working with landowners, Meg put 2,500 acres of seed in the ground for bee habitat in 2013. Her efforts this year produced nearly 3,000 acres of bee forage. Total plantings for these two years exceed $.25 million in seed to help honey bees. Meg is editor of the California Bee Times, the PAm enewsletter and Almond Facts Bee Box. She is well-deserving of this Distinguished Service Award!

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