Kodua Galieti

Following is an open letter from Renee Bennett (Kodua Galieti's big sister). December 5, 2014


By now you may or may not be aware that Kodua has been diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer.  I am hoping we might enlist your help in keeping her spirits up. She begins chemo treatments the end of next week.

It would mean a lot to our family and to Kodua if you could ask her fellow beekeepers and bee friends to send her words and cards and notes of encouragement.  If you need Kodua’s address, please message
her on her Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/kodua.galieti.

It is our wish that Kodua feels the support and care of as many folks as possible to further strengthen her resolve in her battle.

We thank you tremendously for any assistance you might be able to provide.
Renee Bennett
Kodua's big sister

Kodua Galieti is an international photojournalist and a beekeeper.  She uses macro-photography while shooting bees to show the amazing intricacies of bees. Her beautiful honey bee photography is featured throughout this LACBA website. Kodua's goal is to inspire people about the importance of the honey bee to our world. Hopefully, in the process, they will become more aware of bees and join in the quest for their survival. Kodua's photography adorns the walls of the LA County Fair Bee Booth, was featured on the cover of American Bee Journal and WASP magazine, and can be enjoyed at major bee conventions around the country. She’s a member of the California State Beekeepers Association, the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association, and the Louisiana State Beekeepers Association.  You can view her beautiful bee photography and her 2015 BEE-INSPIRED calendar at: http://www.koduaphotography.com/