It's Confirmed - February 12th is Bee Day in the City of LA

[NOTE from William Lewis, President of the California Staqte Beekeepers Association and past President of the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association: "I am certainly in support of bees in the city, but only if Best Management Practices, which was provided to the city planners, are adhered to which means "known gentle genetics".  I don't think this can be achieved by keeping local feral colonies.  I have not seen proof that they are well behaved and in my experience, the ferals I catch have turned out to be very aggressive."] 

WORKS is pairing up with HoneyLove to support passage of the bee legislation coming to vote on February 12th

Hi All -

If you care about bees and I know you do, then next Wednesday, February 12th is an important day to turn out to City Hall.  If you or anyone you know can attend, please let me know me.  We would like to share with Andy Shrader from Councilmember Koretz's know how many of our Urban Ag Friends plan to attend.   

Here is the information on the press event and council motions.  Please pass it on!

LA City Council is voting on 3 pending bee measures on February 12th.  If you haven't been following the issue, "colony collapse disorder" has been devastating bee colonies around the country.  Bottom line, we need bees to pollinate our food crops.  And our flowers.  

LA currently has a healthy honey bee population and we want to keep it that way.

 Press event:

 When: February 12th, 2014   9:15am
 Where: Los Angeles City Hall, Spring Street Steps forecourt
 Who: Councilmembers Koretz, Bonin, likely Huizar...
 Rob and Chelsea MacFarland:
 Urban farmers (invited, but not confirmed)
 What: To talk up these measures in support of bees: 




From:  Francesca de la Rosa, Director of Policy and Strategic Alliances
Women Organizing Resources, Knowledge and Services (WORKS)
795 N. Avenue 50   Los Angeles, CA   90042
213-446-4522 (phone) 

(Note: The Planning and Land Use Management Committee's (PLUMC) recommendation is that the council forward the issue to the Department of City Planning and Department of Animal Services for analysis/recommendations and report back to the PLUMC within 60 days.