Land Use Plan Under Review by the California Coastal Commission for the Santa Monica Mountains

The following is from LACBA Secretary, Stacy Mckenna    3/10/14

A local citrus/avocado farmer has contacted me dismayed by the current Land Use Plan under review by the California Coastal Commission for the Santa Monica Mountains, repealing the Malibu Land Use Plan. The county website with relevant documentation can be found at:

The plan eliminates agricultural zoning (see Map 8 links) and prohibits future development of agricultural cropland in this coastal zone. There are provisions for continued use of grandfathered cropland with limitations:
He claims continued use of cropland will be infeasible if for no other reason than the limitations on vehicle size (6,000 lb) which his F150 will not comply with. (section 22.44.690, which describes Part, by which I assume they mean "Chapter 22.44, Part 6, Malibu Coastal Program District" and reads:
Infractions. Violations of the provisions contained in the following list are deemed infractions:
— Commercial vehicles weighing more than 6,000 pounds unladen where parked or stored in violation of this Part. )
Please note, all other references to commercial vehicles and parking limitations are typical requirements preventing blocking of sidewalks, traffic, or disabled access. I believe there may be interpretation issues, but he has legal counsel reviewing the documentation for just this reason.
He notified us because he knows the fate of orchards affects the fate of bees, like those he hosts on his property. 
The implementation of this plan would mean property owners would need to go only through the county for permitting, while right now they need to get both County and CA Coastal Commission permission for project permitting. Many local equestrian and environmental groups are backing the new plan, but there are some concerns about inadequate public hearings (an issue also raised by the farmer who contacted me) and several previous supporters have withdrawn their support over issues of promises made and not included in the plan.
Coastal Commission meetings are scheduled monthly, with April's being in Santa Barbara
The agenda for the April meeting has not yet been made available.