EPA, Get in Gear and Protect Bees

Pesticide Action Network    3/13/14

As you probably know, bees are in trouble. And EPA isn't acting fast enough to help protect them from harmful pesticides. Will you join us — along with more than a million people — in calling on EPA leader Gina McCarthy to step up?

We'll be delivering your comments to the agency in DC next week, making sure Administrator McCarthy gets the message: It's time to make protecting these vital pollinators a priority. 

EPA, time for action» The science is increasingly clear. Neonicotinoid pesticides, alone and in combination with other pesticides, are a key factor in declining bee populations. Neonics have been linked to massive bee kills, and at non-lethal doses they can interfere with critical brain functions that bees need to navigate, forage and reproduce.

As head of EPA, it's up to Gina McCarthy to protect bees. The agency's current plan is to finish reviewing neonics by 2018... and then decide what to do. But with beekeepers reporting losses of 40-70% last year, it's clear bees can't wait.

Make bees a priority» Tell Administrator McCarthy: It's time to step up and protect bees. We rely on them for one in three bites of food we eat, and they need help urgently.

Thanks for adding your voice to the swell!