The Beauty of Pollination

TedTalks  By Louie Schwartzburg  'The Beauty of Pollination' from Disney's film, "The Wings of Life."

  Watch this on the largest computer screen you have (HD if possible) with your sound turned on.

*The hummingbird doing rolls chasing a bee is not to be missed.
*Be sure and watch closely (around 2 min 40 sec) and check out the baby bat under its mother. 
*If you never knew what goes on in the garden when you aren't paying attention, watch this - some of the finest photography you will ever see. 

4.23 min. (Shorter version on youtube)  The Beauty of Pollination

7.36 min: (Full version on TedTalks)  The Hidden Beauty of Pollination

[Note: We've posted this beautiful film before, but it's springtime - Enjoy once more!]