Bee Swarm: Driver Cited After Bees Escape Along I-95

The Christian Science Monitor    AP   May 21, 2014

Bee Swarm:  A truck packed with some 20 million honeybees from Florida crashed on I-95 Wednesday, releasing a swarm of bees along the highway. 

Delaware police have cited the driver of a tractor trailer that overturned on a highway ramp, releasing millions of swarming bees near Newark.

The ramp to Interstate 95 reopened Wednesday morning, more than 12 hours after the rig carrying an estimated 16 million to 20 million honeybees in 460 boxes from Florida to Maine crashed. Police cited the driver, 55-year-old Adolfo Guerra of Miami, for unsafe shifting of load or cargo.

Police say Guerra and his two passengers were taken to Christiana Hospital with minor injuries from the crash and 50 to 100 stings each. There were reports of passers-by being stung.

State police spokesman Sgt. Paul Shavack says bee handlers worked with firefighters to spray water to disperse the bees as authorities used a honeybee swarm removal plan for the first time. In order to remove the truck from the I-95 on ramp in a timely fashion, they opted to disperse the bees rather than trying to gather them up...