New Organic Beekeeping Regs Coming Soon

USDA/AMS     Publication ID: Spring 2014            June 18, 2014

Title: National Organic Program, Organic Apiculture Practice Standard, NOP-12-0063

Abstract: This action proposes to amend the USDA organic regulations to reflect an October 2010 recommendation submitted to the Secretary by the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) concerning the production of organic apicultural (i.e. beekeeping) products. Instead of continuing to allow certifying agents to certify apiculture to the organic livestock standards, this action would establish certification standards specifically for organic bees and bee products. The scope of this action includes provisions for: transition to organic apiculture production, replacement bees, hive construction forage areas, supplemental feeding health care, pest control practices, and an organic apiculture system plan. This action would also add a new scope of certification and accreditation to the USDA organic regulations. This action does not regulate the use of bees for pollination of organic crops.

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