Webinar: OSU: Chemistry of Honey

Ohio State Extension, Department of Entomology

Join us for our free monthly beekeeping webinar on July 16th at 9AM (Eastern) 6AM (Pacific) featuring Thomas Janini, Associate Professor with The Ohio State University. 

Professor Janini will talk about the chemical components of honey. Specifically, he will discuss the types of sugars found in honey, enzymes used to convert nectar into honey, and other compounds commonly found in nectar and honey.

All webinars are free, and pre-registration is not required. To join this free webinar, follow the link and LOG IN AS A GUEST at about 8:55 AM (Eastern) 5:55 AM (Pacific) on July 16th: Bee Lab Webinar link

To access via Droid, iPad or iPhone, download the Adobe Connect app.

This and each monthly webinar will be recorded and archived on the Ohio State Bee Lab website the day of the session. 

Chemistry of Honey webinar with Dr. Thomas Janini, The Ohio State University. July 16, 2014. 43 minutes.

Chemistry of Honey Handout (PDF)