Announcing HiveCheck Real Time Reports / Bee Informed Partnership

The Bee Informed Partnership    August 29, 2014  

The Bee Informed Hive Check program is a new initiative to get more frequent surveying across the nation on what’s most important to beekeepers through out the season. We’ve created a quick and easy survey with less than 10 questions to take quick polls of what beekeepers are doing in their apiaries every two weeks.

Sign up to be part of the HiveCheck Survey Group to Receive Regional Reports For Your Area!

Our goal is to share with beekeepers what other beekeepers are doing by asking simple questions like, “Did you inspect your hives?” or “Did you see swarm activity in your area?”. When asked across hundreds of people we can get statistically significant data helping everyone understand what’s going on and what to look out for. We’ll be changing the questions quarterly to be relevant all through out the year.

Most importantly, those that participate in the survey group will receive local results within 48 hours. For everyone else you’ll have to wait until our quarterly release so make sure to sign up! Check out the new report by clicking the image below!

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