Apis Newsletter From Malcolm T. Sanford: September 2014

The September 2014 Apis Newsletter from Dr. Malcolm T. Sanford is hot off the press and chock full of great BEE information.

From Dr. Sanford: 
"The Apis newsletter is delayed this month due to my attendance at the Western Apicultural Society's meeting, just concluded at the University of Montana , Missoula, MT, which not only hosted the event, but put on a honey festival.  To much cannot be said about this convention, billed by the organizers as “Not your Grandfather's Bee Conference.”  Several attendees considered it one the best one they have ever attended.  You can see the lineup in the August issue  of this newsletter.  No doubt we will be hearing much more about this event in the near future.  
Editor Kim Flottum and co-editor Kathy were on hand in Missoula, and we are promised something on the Bee Culture  blog  fairly soon.  Bee Culture sponsored the kickoff event, The 2nd International Workshop on Hive and Bee Monitoring, by plumping for refreshments at the breaks and a down-home meal for speakers at Ekstrom's Stage Station .  Thanks Bee Culture!
A major topic of the monitoring workshop was the use of scale hives.  Wayne Esaias, recently retired from the NASA Goddard Sapce Flight Center, has perhaps had the most press exposure with his honeybeenet initiative , which he created in an effort to provide beekeepers and others evidence of climate change's impact on the honey bee plants.  A description of this work was published in NASA's Sensing Our Planet Series (2010)..."  

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