How to Use Honey to Improve Your Cooking and Your Health

The Dail Meal   By Kristie Collado    December 30, 2014 

Use honey as a better-for-you sweetener in cooking and baking

Use honey to create a glaze for salmon. The honey gives the fish a slightly sweet and caramelized exterior. As an added bonus, honey may even play a role in helping flush excess fat from the body.

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Honey is loaded with natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Try using honey to make salad dressing. Then, pour it onto vitamin-packed vegetables for a meal that can help keep you healthy.
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Honey and carrots are both good sources of antioxidants. Try them together for a delicious and healthy side dish.
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With just four basic ingredients (the recipe calls for white truffle honey and smoked salts, but you can substitute both the honey and salt that you have on hand), this snack is a simple and delicious way to take advantage of honeys many health benefits.
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