Bees for Sale - Order Now for 2016

Pre-Order your Bee Packages and Nucs by December 31, 2015 and save money. It's never too early to order your bees for 2016. Prices will increase January 1st. Bee Packages and Nucs will be available for pick up mid April. PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT ship our bees!

Our Italian Honey Bees are gentle, easy to work with, and build up abundantly for pollination and honey making. If you are just beginning beekeeping, or already an urban beekeeper, these bees are perfect for you. The known gentle genetics of our Italian Honey Bees make them ideal for Backyard Beekeeping in Los Angeles.

2015 has been our best and busiest year ever for Beekeeping Class 101, and the request for bees has increased. Don't be disappointed and come into bee season bee-less! You can order online HERE.